The Exeter Business Club

Business networking with a smile

There’s a lot of business networking opportunities these days, with new meetings springing up monthly, so what makes the Exeter Business Club different?

Well, to start with, the Club is owned and run by the members – it exists only for the members and not to generate profit for an owner.

Secondly, it’s informal and fun – the Club prides itself on a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the meetings are varied and really enjoyable.

The Club is a bunch of dynamic and lively group of business owners and senior managers who meet weekly on a Friday morning to network, share knowledge and promote their businesses, get help and support and, above all, to have fun.

If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere where people enjoy each other’s company, help each other and derive real business benefits then Exeter Business Club could be just the place for you.

Who’s there?

Exeter Business Club members represent many major industry sectors and you’re guaranteed to meet a wide variety of people in an extensive range of businesses at every meeting. The Club’s members include IT support, graphic design, marketing, health & safety, massage, marketing, plumbing, insurance, electrical and recruitment amongst many other professions.

What people say

It’s a proper business club with a supportive atmosphere and, above all, gets my day off to a fun start”

“Whilst EBC is a source of referrals and business it is more than that. It’s about having friendship and business contacts, and it is good fun.”

“This is, by far, the best networking group I have been to. A fun, friendly, welcoming group of supportive people.”

“EBC is banter, camaraderie and an oasis of mutual support at the end of the week. It’s a friendly, relaxed forum for business grown-ups. If you want high-pressure networking, “thumb-screw “ referrals and a waste basket full of business cards for your database, you’ll be better off elsewhere.”

“Exeter Business Club is all about building personal relationships which is always the key to good business”

“A great way to meet and socialise with like minded individuals. The Club provides a fantastic support network”

About the Exeter Business Club

Exeter Business Club was formed in 2010 by its members and is a not-for-profit, unincorporated organisation run by our members. Our ethos is to create a relaxed and supportive environment in which local business people can get to know other local businesses, promote their business and learn from each other.

There’s only one member for any business sector so you don’t have to worry about competitors and this is a key element to creating an atmosphere of trust and honesty in the Club.

Watch this video to get a flavour about the Club and what the members think of it.