EBC Member Profile – Derek Lowe

Every couple of weeks we’ll be providing an insight into the inner lives of our members through a question and answer session. This week’s subject is Derek Lowe from MMC Wellbeing

What’s your name?
Derek Lowe

Tell me about your business
I run MMC Wellbeing, a massage company based in Exeter. We do several things including taking massage into the workplace. We are working with many companies in and around Exeter where we focus on carrying out short treatments to help muscle tension in peoples back shoulders and neck, classically caused by sitting in front of a computer. In addition, I have a clinic where I treat people for a wide range of problems including sports injuries, back problems and joint problems.

How long have you been in your business?
I have been a therapist for 15 years and have run MMC Wellbeing for 3 years now

One interesting fact about yourself?

My background had been in sales and marketing in international hotels, but following a lifestyle review and taking a year out and travelling the world with a back pack, I changed my career and became a therapist. Best decision I ever made!

One thing you would change about the world?

Multinational pharmaceuticals controlling our approach to health and medicine creating a drug based culture to health and wellbeing

One thing you regret?

Selling the first house I bought in London for which I paid £28250. If I had only held on to it.

Favourite song of all time?

Now that’s a hard one but I’d go with Pink Floyd Wish you were here.

What makes you happiest?

Creating a great meal in the kitchen for my partner Tracy and friends. Complete with a glass of good red wine

Best place on the planet?

Whitsunday Islands in Australia complete with squeaky beaches.

What’s the best thing about Exeter?
Everything close by; great city, fabulous beaches, stunning countryside, the Quay and its history

If you were to take me to dinner in Exeter, where would you take me and why?

We have tried a few places lately and would probably head to The Conservatory in North Street. None of these chains and a good local restaurant.

What would you tell your 18 year old self?

Life is for living so make sure you get out there and discover what’s around. Oh and don’t buy that restaurant

Why should a business use you for your services?

With 15 years experience I know what I am doing. I am passionate about helping people and will go that extra mile. We are also very professional and companies and clients who use us, keep coming back

Why are you a member of the Exeter Business Club?
I have been a member of EBC for over 2 years now and have got a huge amount out of it. Support from a group of experienced people. Friendship, guidance and often running a business can have a lonely side. So sharing concerns with people in the same boat can be a real help.