Beer & Skittles

It all looks so easy, doesn’t it…..just hurl a ball towards nine chunky pins. But as many first time players discovered, there’s more to skittling than drinking beer. Exeter Business Club held its first in-house skittles competition at the Royal Oak in St Thomas. Two teams, captained by Kevan Lush and Chris Robson, lined up for the big encounter.

In the event, Captain Lush’s Bright Sparks trounced the opposition in a tense three leg competition by 157 points to 140. The trophy was duly presented to Philip Warner being the highest scorer of the night.

The Wall of Shame!
Left to right, Lisa Thomas, Tracy Conabeer, Pete Weeks, Jack Small, Philip Warner and Jane Blanchard. In front is Captain Kevan Lush with the much coveted trophy.  
The no expense spared trophy!