What members say

“It’s a proper business club with a supportive atmosphere and, above all, get’s my day off to a fun start”

“Whilst EBC is a source of referrals and business it is more than that. It’s about having friendship and business contacts, and it is good fun.”

“This is, by far, the best networking group I have been to. A fun, friendly, welcoming group of supportive people.”

“EBC is banter, camaraderie and an oasis of mutual support at the end of the week. It’s a friendly, relaxed forum for business grown-ups. If you want high-pressure networking, “thumb-screw “ referrals and a waste basket full of business cards for your database, you’ll be better off elsewhere.”

“Exeter Business Club is all about building personal relationships which is always the key to good business”

”EBC can be summed up as fun, friends, support, business advice and my extended sales team”

“A great way to meet and socialise with like minded individuals. The Club provides a fantastic support network”

“The group is full of insightful people who are experts in their field. Those type of connections are always an asset.”

“Friendship, guidance, support and camaraderie; oh and a grumpy plumber for a bit of humour”

“Fantastic business support and not a bad breakfast either”

“I look forward to my Friday Breakfast meeting – a great group of people who are very supportive – collectively they have a huge amount of knowledge where a lot of business is done, it’s a very relaxed group compared to other business groups and the breakfast isn’t bad too”

“The club is very inclusive and great for building strong business relationships. Having a mix of people from different industries gives a variety of perspectives and you always learn something. Different speakers keep us up to date with business matters of all kinds; the economic outlook from the Bank of England, current initiatives of local charities and technical know-how from members who share their expertise.”

“I ❤️ EBC – because it’s fun, friendly and informative and has created great business opportunities for me. Plus I get to eat a naughty breakfast once a week. Definitely worth getting out of bed for.”

“Due to the nature of my business (I specialise in bathroom renovations) I very often spend long periods working on my own. Attending the Business Club is a fantastic way of meeting a group of friendly like-minded professionals that are from a wide spectrum of industries. The meetings provide a forum for a something as simple as a chat, to gain new ideas and knowledge, to seek advice and help in matters relating to my business, to canvass opinion on a new idea, or even to share a bit of light-hearted banter.”