EBC’s Charities of the Year

Over the years since we were founded, the Exeter Business Club has been supporting local charities with an annual donation to their funds. Each year we select two charities to support but this year we have decided to provide support for the Exeter Foundation and become members of the Foundation XV. We’re donating £1500 from Club funds as part of our sponsorship to the Foundation who actively support 18 local charities. On top of that, the Club runs a number of events during the year to raise money for the Foundation including a Club barbecue, raffles, auctions and an annual Quiz and Fizz night.

The main aim to the Exeter Foundation is to provide the City of Exeter and its surrounding areas (The Greater Exeter) with a ‘Civic Trust’ that will promote our community and pursue the vision of people who live and work there. The Foundation will act as a fundraising body with a commitment to the future prosperity of Greater Exeter, and also as a vehicle for promoting collective civic pride.

The Exeter Foundation was born out of the desire by Exeter Chiefs and a group of Exeter businessmen to create a focus for the future of the city and its surroundings, for the benefit of all citizens. Its aim is to create a sense of community to promote civic events, culture and heritage. Local money helping local people via various fundraising mediums. There are two main areas to fundraising for the Exeter Foundation.

Designated Funds

The Foundation has been set up by a group of professionals, conceived in part from the need to formalise the charitable fundraising at Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club. Monies collected from bucket and car park collection is designated for the 19 local charities who gather the collections at home games each season. These monies go into a central designated fund. At the end of each season, these monies are distributed between all the charities that have taken part in the collections.

The system is simple; the final amount collected is divided into shares, each organisation receives the amount of shares relevant to the amount of collectors and frequency of collections that their organisation has assisted with over the season. This money is effectively ring fenced for the benefit of the participating charities.

Non Designated Funds

All monies raised via other fundraising events, including any fundraising that happens for the Foundation outside of the Foundation Events team themselves goes into the undesignated pot. This means that this money can be put towards upcoming local projects that are occurring around the city and its surrounding areas via application process.