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Unusually perhaps for a Financial Planner, I have trained and worked as an Executive Coach. Much like coaching, I see Financial Planning as about helping you get more of what you want out of life. This could be the freedom to retire while you are still fit and able to enjoy life. It might be the satisfaction of being able to help your children or grandchildren. It may be the peace of mind of knowing you will have enough to live on no matter what happens. Like most Financial Planners, I can advise you on how you can make best use of what you earn and what you own.

What distinguishes me from most other advisors, however, is that I am a pensions guru. If an advisor describes him/herself as a pensions expert, (s)he usually means that (s)he has done one particular specialist exam in pensions (called “G60” or “AF3”). As a Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute, I have done a whole series of pensions exams.

What’s more, I have 25 years’ experience of resolving complex pensions & benefits issues for employers and advising their employees, form ordinary Civil Servants to Senior City Executives. This means I am well placed to advise you if you have complex pension arrangements. Perhaps you have a mish-mash of pension plans of different types, from different employments or self-employments and with different Normal Pension Ages.

Alternatively, you may have a generous final salary pension from your employer’s scheme and you want to understand your options under the new Pension Freedoms and the tax implications. Then again, you might own your own company and want to take advantage of the significant NI and tax saving opportunities afforded by clever use of pension arrangements.

I offer an initial consultation at no charge and will give you clear costings in advance for any follow-up work you might ask me to undertake for you.

22 St. John Street
M3 4EB
0161 956 2328