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The Oakwood Partnership
Church Lane
Welford on Avon
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We work with our clients to set clear priorities and support them in achieving their goals.  It’s easy to get caught up in reacting to the day to day demands of dealing with transactions and servicing existing customers.  Our services help business managers to take a step back, look ahead and find a way forward that gives sustainable growth in revenue and business value.

Services include:

  • Strategy workshops

As a business grows success becomes less dependent on the energy and effort of the owners and more about making effective choices – selecting priorities.  Taking the time to develop a strategy with a partner gives opportunity to think in new ways that are unconstrained by existing practices.  We help clients to think ambitiously about what ‘could be’ away from the day to day of ‘what is’.  We have a collaborative approach to developing a strategy that is right for the business and gives a clear focus for the whole team to get behind.


  • Non-Executive Directorships

We give regularity and structure to management meetings so that the business does not get lost in the day to day, but remains focused on its most important objectives.  Whether you have monthly board meetings or are just setting on the journey of becoming more of a managed business, we can help.  Our practical business experience means we bring clarity and help translate big long term goals in to manageable short term actions.

  • Business Growth Initiatives

Executing a strategy by turning it into action requires a number of changes.  A gap analysis can show the missing capabilities and capacity needed to achieve your goals.  We take the strain by managing projects to implement new processes and identify additional resources needed for success.

  • Performance Reporting and Improvement

Understanding current commercial and operational performance is key to improving it.  We have a number of measures that give the necessary feedback so that effort can be targeted to greatest effect – increasing revenue, profitability and efficiency.  ‘If you can measure it, you can manage it’.

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