About the Exeter Business Club

The Exeter Business Club is a non-profit making, networking and referral group where local business people come together to support each other and help grow their businesses.

Formed in 2010 the group was born out of a desire to create a networking group that was relaxed and fun but at the same time focused and productive. Unlike other networking groups there is no pressure to make referrals and recommendations. However, as the trust between members grows and friendships form recommendations naturally happen.

Our one business per business profession rule avoids internal competition and maximises the benefit to each member.

All our members are responsible for running a business so we have a strong focus on sharing knowledge and developing skills with weekly presentations and quarterly half-day workshops.

We also have regular ‘fears in a hat’ sessions where members can share their business concerns and use the experience of other members to help address them.

If this sounds like a group you’d like to be part of please join us for a visit. To reserve a place as a guest at one of our meetings please contact the Membership Secretary

Benefits of Membership

  1. Weekly breakfast meetings
  2. Modest annual membership fees
  3. One membership per business category
  4. Meet new people and make business contacts
  5. Build business relationships in a friendly atmosphere
  6. Raise your business profile
  7. Gain new business from recommendations
  8. Provide referrals for other members – be their sales force
  9. Support and learn from each other
  10. Source of trusted suppliers
  11. A source of practical/technical/business advice
  12. Up-to-date advice on trends, legislation and technology
  13. Develop opportunities for joint work to provide a fuller service to your clients
  14. Problem solving sessions
  15. Opportunity for 1:1 meetings after breakfast
  16. Informative presentations
  17. Guest speakers
  18. Excellent networking opportunities
  19. Friendship and camaraderie
  20. Owned and run by members
  21. Not for profit – excess funds used for the benefit of the members.